flukso on home assistant

home assistant and fluko!?
how can we do it?

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I also have a FLM02B with firmware 250.
I can connect with http://mqtt-explorer.com/ but am unable to connect my flukso to HomeAssistant. Has anyone succeeded in connecting a flukso FLM02B (if yes, how)?

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Just upgraded my old FLM02A to firmware 250 and used HACS to install @bertouttier's add-on -- no issue at all, works nicely!

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Very nice that it works now on Home Assistant, but where do i find the "how to" to install the @bertouttier's add-on on the FLM02B ?
I looked on the github link, but nothing.
Then on the link to hacs.xyz, but where do i find it ?

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@fluc - you don't install it ON the FLM02B - you install it IN Home Assistant using HACS - it will auto setup for FLM02A or FLM02B or FLM3