flukso with pvoutput.org

If I buy a Flukso will it be able to display its outputs to my live solar generation on pvoutput.org.
If yes is it easy to set it up to do this.

Thanks Brad

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It works good.
All you have to is run thru the set up and add your api key.
You can see where I was doing some work on the solar input and the drop outs.


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This is GREAT! Thanks for pointing it out. Worked a charm first time round.


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I also gonna try this but wondering if it shall work on PVOutput without having solar panels ?

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Yes as you can show consumption as well.
You can also add/subtract feeds etc.

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First of all a Fantastic New Year to all Fluksonians, and a Happy Meterreadings :-)

Is it possible to show also the gas consumption ? I know that the litres used will not being calculated to W or Kw ....

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I guess you could call it gas but the pulses will show as kw on pvoutput. If you can set your multiplier to be near the gas kj it should work. You will just need to swap Kw for Kj???

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No, here in Belgium we stay with Kw/h for gas also.
I am gonna try it

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If you make a donation to PVOutput, you can keep your consumption data private, and you can add additional inputs to be tracked, such as water or gas consumption. (Donations can be any amount as far as I know, and you keep your privileges for one year. I donate $20 per year because I'm getting a truly outstanding service from PVOutput.)



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Thanks Michi, good to know.