Public access to power charts?

Is it possible to make my power charts, which are visible to me on the dashboard, visible to the public?

The URLs look private, based on the current login, and the only alternative I see is to "Add a Fluksonian" (whatever that is).

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Go to There you an select whether your data is private or public.



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I have "Share within Flukso" set in the "Privacy" section. I don't see a "Public" option.

What URL would I put on a public forum, for example, so that readers could see the dashboard charts?

jgysenbergs's picture Like this one:

Consumption data are not shown publicly but showing these is configurable. Pvoutput allows for fine tuning the results e.g. it integrates data from a weather station in the back garden here. Results are not as accurate as due to their 'rounded' presentation but hey, they look pretty to the outside world.

All best wishes to the Fluksonians (these are strange people owning a so-called Fluksometer, a device which measures energy/natural resources consumption and yield from solar panels). [scroll down a bit for English version]

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Thanks, I'm set up with pvoutput.

What I'm looking for is a public link for the charts generated on the website -- the ones that we can see from the Dash page -- Hour, Day, Month and so on.

The data points on the Hour charts aren't averaged like the ones on pvoutput, which is why I want to use them.

Sharing charts with or from other "Fluksonians" isn't interesting or useful to me (so far, at least).

Sounds like what I want to do isn't possible yet.