Flukso site unavailable = Data was not sent properly to Flukso - Same thing every couple of months!

Every few months the same problem is occurring. As far as I remember, last few times the explanation was that a Fluko site certificate has expired.

Each time it takes about 8-10 hours to fix the problem. I presume because a person that fix it is not aware that the problem happened and only when back at work he's realizing the problem.

I am wondering if the responsible person can setup a reminder to renew a certificate or alike and not let hundreds of users to just wait. (Not to mention that the data reported is only an average data and no9t the original data).

In addition, sites like PVoutput are missing the usage data all together!

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The outage was related to a botched migration of a virtual machine to a new server. We will need to take the server offline in the coming days to fix a pending issue. We'll announce a maintenance window and try to minimize any service interruptions.

Please note that the Flukso system has been designed to cope with occasional outages, either from the flukso.net server, ISP networking issues and even local networking problems. If you run the latest FLM02 or FLM03 firmware version (check on the devices tab to see whether any of your FLMs can be upgraded), they will use tmpo to locally store all sensor time series for a reasonable period. The exact period depends on the active number of sensors and the data generated by each sensor. For a typical residential installation the storage period can easily be a couple of months. Every connection of the FLM the flukso.net server triggers a synchronisation of tmpo blocks. So worst case all data will be pushed to and be available on the server even if your FLM is only able to connect to flukso.net for just 5mins every month.

We offer a tmpo API to download your data in highest resolution, with no aging/downsampling. We will eventually limit the amount of historical data stored on the server, but this will be a least a couple of years. Several companies, e.g. energieid.be, are using the recommended tmpo-py Python bindings (with local caching on their side) to fetch sensor data for further processing. Tmpo-py source code is available on github and pypi. It might be that some data processors are still using the old REST API instead of the new tmpo one, which will cause gaps when service interruptions occur.

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Icarus75, thank you for your response.

I have FLM03 with software ver 247 that I now upgraded to 250.

The problem is that for example PVOutput is probably not using the API you mentioned and as a result all the people in the PVOutput Flukso team https://www.pvoutput.org/outputs.jsp?df=20180827&tid=860 have no data recorded for the hours that the Flukso site was off.

I managed to retrieve the missing data from different place but most of the people in this group have no idea / ability to do this.

Sorry for my frustration, but as I mention in the original post, unlike the current problem - many times there was a certificate renewal problem that could easily been avoided.

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i have a FLM02 on v247 what benefits is the v250?

if i don't reset my flukso to see if it fixes the problem and just wait for it to fix itself pvoutput seems to grab the live data. bit if i reset it i lose all the data

@bazzle i just check your pvoutput system and if yours is down then i figure its a flukso thing. or go to the flukso group and check any one or a few of them.

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is there any API specification on the TMPO API so i can get BB to have a look at implementing it in PVOutput?

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I have had an internet issue where my internet was down for the morning, i didn't lose power and my flukso hasnt put in the propper usage.
it also has not be updated to pvoutput.

strange that if the flukso site goes down it seems to work but if i lose internet it doesn't?

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I thought that my Flukso was upgraded from Ver 247 to 250 but it doesn't want to upgrade itself.
Here is the data after pressing upgrade:

The FLM with serial FL03001461 will be upgraded to firmware version 250 at the next FLM heartbeat.

Serial Version Resets Last heartbeat Uptime Operations
FL03001461 250** 57 07 Sep 2018 14:01:07 0d 19h

Here are the readings an hour & 10 min later after the next heartbeat:
Serial Version Resets Last heartbeat Uptime Operations
FL03001461 247 57 07 Sep 2018 15:01:15 0d 20h remove upgrade

Please let me know what I have to do top upgrade it to ver 250.
PS - I pressed the upgrade again...