Flukso start niet meer op na het instellen van de parameters

De Flukso start niet meer op na het instellen van de parameters.
Ik stel de sensors in en wijzig het ip-adres van de lan.
Sla alles netjes op. Alles blijkt te werken totdat ik de FLS spanningsloos maak en terug laat opstarten. Geen heartbeat en geen lan led. Heb de fimware al een keer 4 opnieuw ingelezen en dit lukt perfect. Van het ogenblik ik parameters aanpas en terug opstart niks meer. Heeft iemand een oplossing voor dit probleem?


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I had a similar issues some time back. After I turned off power and back on again it came good after about 30mins. Did you wait long?
I also had an issue with the data sending on the lan and not wireless. Had to play with the reset button.


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Why do you wish to change the LAN IP-address? Do you want to connect to the internet via ethernet instead of wifi? If so, you have to use the toggle button. See the Fluksometer Manual [1] sections 1.2 and 2.1.2. Make sure the heartbeat LED is blinking before doing the toggling.

[1] https://www.flukso.net/files/flm02/manual.pdf

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Can you put a toggle buton in the software ?

or mention the toggle function in the configuration page ....

Reading the manual is something from the 20th century :)

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I don't use the wifi, that the reason to change the LAN IP-adress.
I have used the toggle button. Everything works at this moment.
as Bazzel says, you have wait for 30min and it came good. Why???
And a toggle buton in the software would by nice.

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Having a software toggle button would mean that if you push it, you suddenly lose all connectivity to your FLM. That might create even more confusion.