Water Sensor Question

So I found that my water meeter comes with a built in sensor... I went out to the actual box and found that the wire is there ready to be use....
Would this work with the Flukso v2?


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According to the data sheet, this should indeed work. Just connect the red and black wires to a Fluksometer pulse port (4 or 5) and correctly set the meter constant.

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I was told that i can not by law tap in to their system as it will consider tempering with a city device...
So now knowing that it does have a pulse I will order a reed sensor form the store.... Are this water proof? My meter is expose and it constantly floods because of rains.


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You don't need an extra reed sensor. Just use the red and black wires of the cable that's already present.

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The problem is that I was told that I cant do that... That is against the law because the equipment belongs to the City and not me. So I am looking to alternatives.

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Ok so I found a new water meter that I will install on my property. The built in reed switch has specs of:

Dry contact reed switch pulse output. This requires external DC Power, 4 Watts, 30VDC Max, 1 Pulse Per Gallon.

will this one work?