Flukso update problem after bricked

I had to re-flash my flukso flm02b because it was for some reason "bricked".
So i followed the topic on the "no ip topic" and after trying for hours i was able to re-flash the flukso and get i back live.

Now i am trying to update it to the last version using the "cog" menu.
But after the next had heartbeat it is back on the old flashed version.

In the system log there is something like backup issue on sensor 1

Can someone help me on this?
I have a flukso FLM02b

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I can't help regarding the latest version, mine updated without a problem however I'm having trouble trying to re-flash my FLM02b - was there anything different you did that's not covered in the "no ip topic"? Thanks

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The thing that did the trick for me was to start the program for flashing, and after that to put in the power of the flukso. Otherwise i got a list of no response things.

No got a heartbeat, but stuck on fw version 214

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Thanks, I've tried all combinations without it working. I started the program and then power on the Flukso, then had the flukso on then started the program - all with no change - I might need a new one :(

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Hi Hero, I managed to re-flash my FLM02b and I now have access to it - it's running firmware version 214

I am now having the same firmware update issue you are - I have clicked and requested an upgrade in firmware from the current 214 to 250 via my user account and it is queued to do the upgrade at the next heartbeat:

FL0300xxxx 250** 121 20 Feb 2020 19:12:36 0d 0h

My problem is that after the next heartbeat the firmware stays on 214 and never gets the current 250. I suppose that's what you're seeing as well?

Is there a way to download and they apply firmware 250 locally I wonder? I think yes, the files used to re-flash seem to be the 214 version - if I had 250 version I'm sure I could flash that?

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Ok I think I might be on a winner - on a hunch I changed the url Bart provided in the original https://www.flukso.net/content/no-ip-connect thread to point to the 250 firmware:


I flashed using these files and now it's running properly on version 250. I'll now load the visualisations and all will be back to normal

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Thx for the info. I'll try this.
What do you mean by "load the visualisations"?

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Flashing the 250 version worked for me.
Also was able to install the visualisation tool.

Only thing i have now is that my gas and water sensor don't seem to pass data to flukso.
Sensor config is done like before. pulse of 10 and 1 liter.

Any suggestions?

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How did you Re Flash the firmware.
I have an 02b that is non responsive.

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And if it does not work, for me it was a solution to start the program and the power on the flukso of UTP cable. Suddenly then it works. But i had to try multiple times.
And be sure to use the 250 files, because i wasn't able to update using the flukso management page.

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Ok will try over next weekend, thanks.

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I again have the same issue.
Was able to flash the flukso again using the tools above, but when i reboot the device it does not get a normal IP to do the initial configs.
3leds are showing up (world icon not) after flashing.
When i connect it to my laptop it gets a default windows ip:

Someone elso who had this before?