Fluksometer capable of SML?

Hello everybody,

just a short question: We set up the Fluksometer to receive data from a SmartMeter that is attached using an optocoupler.

The SmartMeter, though, speaks SML. Is there any way for the Flukso to deal with SML so far?

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The FLM does not currently decode SML. Could you tell me how you connected the FLM to the smart meter?

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Thank you for your reply. We connected the optocoupler according to the last comment on this post


LB | Tue, 31/07/2012 - 23:40

"The sensor from the Swedish online store works fine when hooked up to port 4 or 5."

Yet of course we haven't been able to properly access the data delivered.

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what would need to be done in order to make the FLM speak SML?

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we want to write a write a driver decoding SML. Could someone give hints where to hook this into the firmware?

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any hints? A pointer to the current firmware code reading the data from ports #4 and #5 would help.

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See for FLM A-version https://github.com/flukso/flm02/blob/develop/avr/a/main.c --> the pulse ports are connected to interrupts 0 and 1 of the sensor board via routines ISR(INTx_vect) to count falling edges. Puzzled on how you will write a firmware though; want to decode a soft-serial input?! Maybe better look at the RS485/SPI interconnect and hook in there...
For the records, a spec of SML: http://www.vde.com/en/fnn/extras/sym2/infomaterial/documents/sml_080711_...

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For FLM B-version pulse ports use the PCINT-interrupts in analogy...

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thanks for the hint with RS485. But then I would need an optical sensor that has an RS485 interface, right?. There is a sensor with RS232 interface, but then I would need an additional converter. Do you happen to know an optical sensor with RS485 interface?

Currently, I am using an optical sensor connected to port #4 or #5, see https://www.flukso.net/content/optical-reader-power-meter . The idea would be to use the interrupts to drive a simple state machine that decodes the data transmitted from the easymeter via the LED. But I would be happy if I can avoid writing such a state machine.

Indendently of the solution I find for these lower levels, at OSI layers 6 and 7, I have to decode SML using the SML spec.