No Heartbeat...Flukso requires resuscitation

My Flukso has been going strong for a couple of weeks now, Amidst a network changeover it now has no Heartbeat..... therefore i cannot toggle between modes or restore the firmware. Once plugged in along with the network cable, all lights apart from wireless are on steady. i have tried Ping but it continually times out and i am unable to access the http://192. site
Send an ambulance please!

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On power-off, waiting, power-on the heartbeat LED does not start to blink and the FLM gets a chance to regain an IP address (or is it on manual IP)? (Dogbert's tech advice: reboot is always good ;-))

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Hi There,
The heartbeat and power leds come on together, i have left the flukso powered for several hours and it does nothing, the wireless led does not blink either. It is not on a manual IP as far as i know
I have tried a reboot (held toggle for up to 2 minutes) several times now but still the Flukso seems unresponsive.
Could it be within my internet settings that is causing the issue.

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From the LED states you're reporting, it seems that the FLM is stuck in its bootloader. For de-bricking the FLM you can indeed use the procedure described in the no IP-connect forum post. I managed to compile the ap51-flash utility for OSX. Unfortunately it does not seem to work when actually running the utility. So you'll either have to ask someone to lend you their Windows machine or run Linux inside a VM on your Mac. Substitute FLM02-1-4 by FLM02-2-3 in the commands to flash the device with the latest firmware release.