Fluksometer v3 with 1 current clamp (100a) and no readings

Hi Guys

I am having problems trying to get electricity readings with a Fluksometer v3 on a single phase system with 1 clamp (100a). I am in the UK.

I have the clamp attached to one of the 2 x live feed cables to my electricity meter (I have tried both live cables which are clearly marked as such) with the clamp sensor connected to port 2 (I originally connected to port 1 but this didn't work so am trying to rule out possible causes).

I can see some values on the gauges page under port 2 but no watts figure and the 5 amp reading is too low for the whole house.

I am not seeing any readings on the Flukso Electricity dashboard but have confirmed that the electricity sensor is registered.

There are no issues with WiFi access (I Ssh'd in to open the wireless firewall on port 80 so that I dont have to keep unplugging the device from my garage to change the config).

This should be so simple, I almost feel embarrassed that it has beaten me ;-)

The odd thing is that I setup a 2nd Fluksometer v3 in the kitchen to monitor pulses from my water meter and this is working great.

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Apologies, if I had read previous posts, this would have pointed me in the right direction.

The clue is - I am in the UK and the Fluksometer comes with a 2 pin European power supply. I only have 1 European to UK adapter which I was using elsewhere so I used a 12V DC PSU with the Fluksometer.

I hadnt realised that the Fluksometer uses 9V AC which is odd.

Anyway, I have borrowed my European 2 pin to UK 3 pin adapter for use with the Fluksometer PSU and am seeing the correct electricity readings now.

What surprises me though is that the Fluksometer v3 even powered up with a 12V DC PSU.

(This is how I am powered my 2nd Fluksometer v3 and it is running ok but I will get a couple of plug adapters and use the correct 9V AC PSU)

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Nota bene: The v3 uses the 9V AC to measure voltage and phase against this well-defined source. See, for example, https://www.flukso.net/content/upcoming-flm-v3-features-changes-points-i... or https://www.flukso.net/files/docs/en/fluksometer.html --> "power port
While the power port can still accepts a 9-15V DC voltage, we now ship all Fluksometer v3’s with a 9V AC-AC adapter. The AC adapter acts as a power source to the FLM03 as well as the line voltage sensor."

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Gebhardm, thanks a lot for providing the additional information.

This explains why one of my V3 units is working fine with a 12V DC PSU to collect pulse readings from a water meter, but the 2nd v3 needed exactly the 9V AC PSU for accurate clamp meter readings