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A few things Ive noticed.
1. No one else seems to have 2 inputs on main screen ie . solar and mains.
2. A lot of the users have no data at all.
3. I cant see my user name on the list . This stops me comparing to others as when you choose another name to view/compare my name drops off the screen.
4. You cant choose or un check multiple users at one go. You have to go in and out 2 times to add and remove.

5. These forums are pretty quiet?


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I have a solar input, from this week :)
My problem for the moment is that the main power contains the solar production en my power consumption.
Probably during one off my next holiday's I will fix it with when I install a extra power cable between my main powerboard and one of my sub powerboards to split the production and the consumption power.

For the rest I noticed the same problems like you.

I like the Flukso graphs but I'm missing a lot of functionalities.
I'm testing pvoutput for the moment but I think that I will setup my own graph logging when I have more time.

I wan't these items in the graphs
graph where you can choose start and end time
Last hour
Last 4h
Last 24h
Today /yesterday
this week
this month
last 6 months

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Thanks for the feedback. We will have to make some code changes to revamp the 'community' charting features. The primary reason is that in the v2 you can now assign a custom name to each sensor, whereas for the v1 this was simply hard coded to 'main'. We then compared all 'main' sensors of a certain type (electricity) and displayed those on the chart. This explains why no time series will be charted for quite some Fluksonians and why you don't get to see your own data when adding others. Changes to the interface will be taking place in the coming weeks. If in the meanwhile you want the community part to work, configure the name of the sensor you wish to share to 'main'.

See [1] and [2] as well.

[1]: https://www.flukso.net/content/graph-colors
[2]: https://www.flukso.net/content/weekly-overview


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I went to the link but got a blank page


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I'm guessing that you're using some version of IE as a browser. The charts should now render in IE7/8/9. Please report on the improved-charting forum thread. I'm putting a lock on this one.