Showing NAN after some days on


We have 4 Flukso devices running on 4 different locations. (4 shops) We have them added into 1 account. 1 device is showing "NAN", other devices are showing the Watts.
After pulling out the 220Volt plug and putting it back in the wall it works for some days.
What can be done?



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Hi Kristof,

When this NaN condition occurs, do you still see an hourly heartbeat coming in for that FLM? You can see the last heartbeat listed under the 'My account' -> devices tab.


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The heartbeat stops.
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 17:33:02

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The absence of a heartbeat points to a networking issue. You can check this by browsing to the local web interface via the ethernet port and looking at the wifi status on the system page. You can also check whether the ping test on the sensor page succeeds.