Flukso's reaction to power outage

We had a power outage 2 days ago. The Flukso meter did not log any measurements after that, until I manually reset it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. What is de Flukso's behavior when the wireless network is down upon starting up? Should it not check regulary to detect the network?


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Hi Fred,

- Did you try accessing the local web interface after the power outage?
- Could you see a recent Fluksometer heartbeat on flukso.net -> my account -> devices?

A Fluksometer will re-associate with your local wifi station once it is up and running again. Some of our users turn off their wifi base station every night and power it back on in the morning. The Fluksometer will buffer measurements in RAM (and apply an aging algorithm to the data) until it is again able to reach the web platform. It will then send out all buffered measurements in one shot.

Even in the event that the RAM-buffered measurements get lost, like in your case where you power-cycled the Fluksometer, it will still be able to reconstruct your average use during the 'lost' interval. You will notice this as a horizontal line being displayed on the chart. In your case, the horizontal line is near 400W, meaning you were consuming about 400W during this 'lost' interval. While there is no measurement granularity during this interval, the total consumption will still be correct.