Gas and water probe also connectable to raspberry pi ?

Is it possible to use the gas (and water) probe with a raspberry pi ? Can you connect this directly to the GPIO of a pi ?

Thanks !

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As the probes are just pulse counters you could hook it up to the gpio pins.
But you will probably need to take some extra precautions: current limiting using resistors and some form of debouncing.

And there is something I'm worried about for my own setup unrelated to fluxo:
Be aware that the gpio lines run directly and without any protection to the core of the cpu.
As that is just 45 (or 65?) nanometer cirquit, it is sensitive.
I'm quite worried about attaching long leads as they may pick up a lot of RF, which may lead to instability or damage...

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sorry, the probes don't count, they are just pulse sensors :)

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Thx for helping Joris. I'm really a noob in electronics, I only have some develop skills. So I'm afraid to begin with that resistors/solder/...