Gas Heating

I was wondering if my comsumption is comparable to others with gas heating. I use also the gas for water heating.

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You will need to post up some figures for comparison, where you are in the world, what system you have etc.etc..


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Gas is very hard to compare, it really depends on isolation, type of house, month or year.
Anyway for a default home in the Netherlands with a default situation it's 1500 m3. Nibud says:
flat 1000
family house 1400
corner/end house 1650
duplex house 1750
detached house 2350

If you need to convert day/week/month measurements to year for an average year (average between 2001 en 2011) and situation (79% heating, 19% hot water, 2% cooking):
week / 7 = day (duh)
day * number of days in month = month (duh)
month * factor (see script below) = year

  1. var gasFactor = {
  2.     January : 7.2,
  3.     Februari : 8.3,
  4.     March : 8.3,
  5.     April : 14.1,
  6.     May : 15.6,
  7.     June : 21.4,
  8.     July : 27.1,
  9.     August : 37.1,
  10.     September : 21.4,
  11.     October : 13.2,
  12.     November : 9.1,
  13.     December : 7.1,
  14. };

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As an example I've got a family home (tussenwoning for the Dutch). The last 24 hours I've used 6153 liters of gas. So that's 6.153m3 per day.

6.153 * 30 * 9.1 = 1680m3 per year

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To bad there is no edit button, after looking through my code again I see that I'm wrong. My factor already contains the number of days per month. So it should be * 30.4 instead of number of days in month. Which would set the total in the example to 1700.

And just to show you how useless comparing gas numbers (especially day/week numbers) are; My real usage per year is 1050-1080m3. There actually is no such thing as an average home, it's just the average of all homes. The only thing that could really tell you something is comparing to a couple of neighbors as long as there situation is identical. The numbers above are something I've calculated from a lot of numbers and they give a much better representation then * 12, but the accuracy can still be off by 100% or in some special cases even more.

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I'm using around 2500m³ of gaz for heating and warm water a year. It' a detached house.
I'm comparing my usage with that of SWORDS ... what a hugh diffrence.

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2500m3 is not that much for an detached house. Here 83% cook on gas and the percentages are 79% for heating, 19% for hot water and 2% for cooking. So the average over-here for a detached house without cooking is 2350 * (1 - 0.83 * 0.02) = 2311. You would only be 7.5% above average here and once again that there is no such thing as an average home.
And please note that my house is very new (2008), very well isolated, has a new heating system, is 486 m3 and nicely tucked in between two other homes.

If you would provide some more info like rough location of the house (country and north/south/west/east or even better city), the m3 of the house and the exact numbers of the last 3 or 2 years I could do some more precise calculations if the average temperatures for your location can be found on the internet.

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Hi swords, location is Antwerp. Nearest neighbour is 10 meters to both sides. Living volume (ground floor and 1st floor) around 550m³, build in 1976. Isolation far from good.
Heating is done during the weekend mostly with wood from our garden (hydrofoor-converter takes over central heating). Central heating (central part) is from 2006.
I don't think my figures are realy exagerated, but it's more the graph that wonders me.