Gas probe on Actaris G16


Does anyone have any experience with a gas probe on the Actaris G16? As far as I found out on google it (sometimes) comes equiped woth a magnetic pulse. But where does the probe go? I tried several locations under & above the 2 final numbers. Thus far without succes. Thanks for any support on this.

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Can you make a picture, there a several versions of a G16

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Hi there: I Just updated this treat with pictures of the Actaris G16. Thanks for any ideas on this.

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Looks like there's a cavity above the meter's digits. Have you tried detecting the magnet with a compass?

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Confirmed and Works ... 1 used a A3213EUA-T hall switch.
On the liters round you'll see a silver dot at about the '6' position -> that's the one you are after for.
So go position your sensor with the engraving down there.

  1.         ------o    hall sensor
  2.        XXXXX,XXX m³

(I checked it by holding the magnet of a bitholder to a screwdriver. When you come near the liters-round I observed the round moving very little influenced by the magnet.)

I'll have to wait for the winter results since the meter is placed outside and gas flowing in is warmer than ambient temperature and hence there is a chance condensation 'may' interupt operations.
(The gas meter itself got frozen last year due to internal debris ?? It got replaced free of charge)

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