Problems with the first installation


i have installed the flukso like the description!
Does the fluksometer need an open port when he is connecting with a fritzboxrouter or just the wifi keys?
And connection with DHCP is ok?

on the website under the menu devices is written:
Serial Version Resets Last heartbeat Uptime Operations
FL02000372 216 1 07 Oct 2012 19:39:48 2d 2h remove

But under the menu sonsors:
No sensors available.

What could be the reason for this?
I can t see any graphics, nothing.

Thank you

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Are the sensors configured and the configuration saved? Heartbeat shows that the FLM is online; but if there are no sensors shown in this site's settings then they haven't been transferred to the server (yet) - so, go to the local sensor config and check the settings; this you probably need to do within the LAN, not WLAN (unless you haven't opened your WLAN for config as shown in several other posts)
If the sensor ID and token are shown in this site's settings then the next step is transfer of sensor data and corresponding dash visualization...