GAS probe Schlumberger G6 installation

Hi all,

Did anybody already get the gas probe to work on this type ?

Thanks for any pointers you can give,

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Only possible with a optical interface ... this meter has no magnet for pulses

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damn... bon, if anybody is looking for a gasprobe ? I've got a 2nd hand one for sale, never been used :-(

greets & thanks for the info,

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Hi, I have the same problem. Is anybody aware of any optical probes that are compatible with the Flukso hardware?
Tx, Johan

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Great! Tx! Now hoping it'll be soon available :-)


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I want one! Plus the 2.2 board of course. Thanks for keeping up the good work. - Jos

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@Jdeprez @Johan Crols Can you confirm your gas meters have a mirror on the last digit?

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Think the answer is yes in my case. The meter is exactly the same as in the picture linked to start of the conversation, and the "0" in the last digit is full and silver-ish. So I guess that's the mirror (never understood what it was for ;-)).


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I confirm, the very last digit on the meter (so 3 positions behind the comma) has a mirror (in my case a square, not even a zero).

So I'm guessing that the optical probe should work in my case ... I'll happily switch it with the magnetic gas probe :-)

Thanks for letting us know when you have on ready for test or sale;
kind regards

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Me 2. Always happy to test out new things ;-)


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Compass is reacting on the Schlumberger G6 ... So indeed there is a magnet inside.
I was able to capture 2 pulses, but no stable installation till now with the reed contact on Flukso. Is the magnet not strong enough ? Or the reed contact not sensitive enough ? I had a similar problem with my Elster BK-G6. I found the correct location for the reed contact for the Elster