Which probe for UGI G4 gas meter [has small mirror on digit 6]?

Hello all,

I scavenged the net but wasn't able to find a more or less ready made optical sensor for getting a pulse from my gas meter. The gas meter has a small mirror on the last digit 6.

Is there someone out there who has connected a similar gas meter to a Flukso?

What I'm after is a sensor which I can build myself as I'm fairly handy with a soldering iron.

An idea I came across: use a CNY70 (but how?) eg. http://www.jojos-homepage.de/ft/cny70/index.html

The jpg of the meter is attached.

Thanks, all ideas are welcome. - Jos

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I might have a prototype opto-reflective sensor ready for reading out a meter with a reflective digit in the next couple of weeks.

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That would be a great. I will be happy to function as a guinea pig. Thanks for keeping me posted. - Jos

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Great news! I'm also trying to monitor a UGI G4 gas meter. Whenever you have an optic sensor ready I'd love to hear about it.

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We did a test last weekend with a prototype FLS04-1, i.e. opto-reflective sensor, on a BK-G4. The latter comes with a mirror on digit 6. Worked like a charm. We tried to get some false triggers by changing the ambient lighting, even held up a 400W halogen and a blinking LED light very close to the setup. Not a single false pulse was generated by the sensor.

Some more testing will occur in a few weeks time. Right now, I'm gearing up for EC1210 in Leuven.

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Great news Bart. When can we order it (even a prototype will do....)?

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Could you tell us the electrical characteristics of the impulse ports?

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The output of the FLS04-1 is an open-collector one. Can be hooked up directly to port 4 or 5 of the FLM02A.

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Where can I buy these FLS04-1 sensors ?

Many Thanks

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They're not yet commercially available. I'll keep you posted.

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I am also interested in the FLS04-1 sensor.

Please let me know when it's available.

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Any update on this? :)

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the same question, any update ?

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I installed the sensor which 'decharre' mentioned above. It works OK but it took a while to find the right spot to catch the bouncing infrared light from the mirror on digit 6. There is also a trimmer which needs careful tweaking to adapt sensitivity. I used the + 3,3 V on the RS485, pin 6a to power the sensor and 5 + and - to connect the sensor board to (mind ground!).

I had to sacrifice water measurement as there are only two analog connections for reed switches and the like. Connection 4 on the Flukso is already in use for the PO of the PV. This doesn't matter too much because in summer we don't need gas and I will then switch back to water metering.

I hope Bart will make his new sensor board available soon so we can use this instead of the shaky Chinese solution. Also, I hope we can install the new firmware board so we can configure inputs as needed.

Here's a jpg: http://users.telenet.be/jgysenbergs/data/cheapchinesesensor.jpg

The red light you see in the jpg, is just a LED which lights up every time the infrared sensor picks up the bouncing infrared light.

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Of course: ... sacrifice water measurement as there are only two analog connections ...
must be ... sacrifice water measurement as there are only two


connections ...

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Of course: ... sacrifice water measurement as there are only two analog connections ...
must be ... sacrifice water measurement as there are only two pulse connections ...

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Any news ont his front? When will the FLS04-1 sensor be available in the shop?

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The FLS04-1 is now under active testing. I managed to get it to output pulses when attached to a classic Ferraris meter, sensing the black stripe on the rotating disc. It will need some de-bouncing for this setup to work robustly. This can be taken care of in software however. One the component fine-tuning is finished, it's a matter of getting it into production and CE validated.

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Sorry to bounce this thread back up but would love to receive an update on the Gas sensor to finish my setup of the flukso to monitor power, water and Gas consumption to get a clear view on all the different bills I'm getting.

Appreciate the great work!

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I too; i loved to see the FLSO4-1 coming to the shop soon. Bart is working hard on the CE validation.
Dieter, have you looked well in the Flukso forum to find the solution others have used successfully ?

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Hi Fluc,

I've checked indeed the forum to find the other solutions but would love to have a simple device to hook up on my meter instead of a small piece I need to solder myself and such.
This is one of the few things left on my wishlist and would be great to have it up and running to make flukso beat the competition (i have a smappee as well) on this.

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The small piece you mention is not a kit, but ready to place, apart for the 3 connections of course.
If you can't wait, like myself, it is the only option. Soldering is not very hard to do, and if you are a bit handy, you can make the little support for it too.
Have you put a link to the picture of the gasmeter here in this forum-topic ?
I will help you out...

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I still can't find de FLS04-1 sensor in the shop.
Could somebody give me an update on the launching date for the optical sensor?

Many thanks.

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Hi Fluc,

I have a G6 apparently. All help is appreciated.

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Thanks Fluc! I'll have to check tonight to see whether there's one.

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Here's the picture of mine: http://1drv.ms/MY5CJ4
I have indeed a silver lining on the 0.

I'll check into the sensor and see whether I can get it working.
Thanks already for your help :)

Would be cool to have elec, water and gas consumption to have full control on my bill. My bill is reset in april so if i can get it up and running by then would be awesome.

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Ok Dieter, this should work.
Once you have the sensor (in a week or 2 - 3 i think) read well the other topic. There is described how i did it.
And in your place i should buy two sensors at the same time, so the other you can keep for spare or perhaps use it for detect you watermeter pulses like i did :

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i know it's an old topic but how is de developement of the FLS04-1 going?
will it become available soon?