Gas Probe wire lenght

I would like to connect a Gas probe to my FLUKSO. But its distance from the Gas meter is about 10 meters.

Is it ok to extend the Gas probe wire by 8 meters?
Are there special requirements for the extension wire?

Thanks for your help!

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No problem here as it operates just an on-off switch (a reed switch). Requirements? UV-resistant isolation in case the wire gets a lot of direct sunlight. Indoors, a low power 2-conductor wire should suffice e.g. telephone or UTP cable although these would have a surplus of conductors.

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no problems with it at all. i've extended my gas probe by approx 10m and the water probe by approx 15m

can use either 2 core electrical wire, or an easier way is CAT5 cable - I ran 2 lengths of 2 core electrical wire as thats what i had at the time. But if I was to do it again, i would have used CAT5

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Maybe another thing to keep in mind when using CAT5 cable outdoors: cheaper cable has some kind of fish oil in the plastic isolation and this attracts small animals (rodents, birds ...) eating away right into the copper wire.

Also, a CAT5 cable is hollow and if it runs outside (esp. vertical), condensation water can accumulate inside and drip into the switch or other connected device if that's located at the lower end.