Get a running web machine

Hi @all.

I tried to find out anything about getting the server site run on a local computer. My goal is a little device test for one not being the Flukso Meter - without disturbing anybody in the running project.

Has anybody done that yet?

My main problem is to get a summary of how the components work together. I spendend some time on compiling the web machine and the flukso component. They are running now. But, of course, thats not enough for runing up the whole service. E.g., there has to be a mysql server, a web server and the rrd tool (as far as I can see).

I just found the architecture overview at, but thats not very detailed.

Once all modules and components are running, they have to be configued, too (and maybe the DB server needs to get some initial tables).

Could anybody please help me with this little challenge?