I use the following S0-Counter Energy in connection with the Flukso:
DRS155D - 230V
Compatible with "S0" Din-Rail 43 864 standard (27V, 27mA)
http://www.bg-etech.de/index.php?view=article&id=46%3Adrs155d&format=pdf ...
- Incl. S0 port 1000 Imp / kWh (t = 90ms)
- Compatible with "S0" Din-Rail 43 864 standard (27V, 27mA)
DSZ80 - 400 V
http://www.bg-etech.de/index.php?view=article&id=54%3Adsz80&format=pdf & o. ..
- pulse width: 90ms
- Counts: 1000imp/kWh
In the phase meter no DIN standard was reported.
If the S0 interface of the listed counters suitable for Flukso with ATMega48V?
I have always dropouts and full swings (3600 W) in the collection of data.
The Flukso takes only 3.3 V for the S0-Interface.

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Hello Heinz,

The Fluksometer accepts any S0-compliant pulse output. The S0 is an open-collector output, which means that regardless of the applied voltage (3.3V in the case of the v1) pulses will be collected.

1/ What do you mean by 'dropouts'?
2/ A reading of 3600W means the Fluksometer will receive exactly one puls per second. Is this the load you are measuring with the energy meter?
3/ Are you sure you have connected the S0 Schnittstelle to input 5/6 of the Fluksometer with the correct polarity, see: http://www.flukso.net/content/6-position-screw-terminal