get separated readings from the 3 phases

I have 3 phases and 3 sensors for electricity. Each sensor is configured separated however on the Dash I only get a single reading I don’t know if it comes from the 3 sensors added or a single one and the others are ignored. I would like to have the 3 readings separated but I don’t know how to configure the unit. Can I have your help?

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My unit is version 2A, s/n FL03000414, firmware updated to 250.
I confirmed that the configuration is 3 phases.
I have configured again the 3 sensors and apparently they are registered well. I called them Fase1, Fase2 and Fase3. However under the syslog tab I see that only the sensor 1 is sending data. No reference to the others. And in the dash I only get data from the sensor one named Fase1.
When in minute reading I get the following message: Error - The call for sensor Fase3 experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM.
I am in the same wifi network as the FLM.
All the wires are well connected.
Thanks for any help

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To get distinct per-port readings on an FLM02, set the configuration to single-phase. A three-phase config causes the port readings to be summed into a single sensor.

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Thank you. Now it's working as you say.
Just for curiosity, in the minute reading I still have the message: "Error - The call for sensor fase3 experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM". It's not the case since I am in the same local network as the FLM. And I get readings from the sensor called fase3.
Best regards

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I changed my Flukso configuration to monitor a second analog circuit.
I selected current clamp ports=3, Number of phases=1, set the sensor 2 name, voltage and current.
However, I am unable to get any readings from the second sensor.
I tried:

    - swapping sensors 1 and 2 to check the current clamp was not faulty
    - putting the sensor on port 3
    - checked there is an analog voltage with correct polarity on the screw terminal ports
    - restarted the fluksod
    - rebooted flukso
    - power off/on

Looking at the sensor settings with uci, I get:

  1. uci show flukso.3
  2. flukso.3=sensor
  3. flukso.3.type=electricity
  4. flukso.3.current=50
  6. flukso.3.voltage=240
  7. flukso.3.counter=0
  8. flukso.3.class=analog
  9. flukso.3.function=House Off Peak
  10. flukso.3.port=3
  11. flukso.3.enable=1

REST call
returns an empty array: [] but calls to the other sensors returns valid sensor readings in the array.

It seems like flukso still thinks there is only one current clamp port, although uci tells me:

  1. flukso.main.max_analog_sensors=3

Anyone have suggestions on what is wrong?

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@rossack: At least you dash shows readings for "Cottage Off Peak" until Nov.6, 03:30 (CET) - so, what "really" have you changed? Save the sensors again or power cycle your FLM.

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  1. flukso.main.phase=1


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I currently have two pulse meters monitoring the cottage and they are working fine. The house has two analog clamps the dash showing House but it is actually the House Off Peak circuit because I swapped them to check I was getting valid signals going into the flukso.

  1. flukso.main=settings
  2. flukso.main.hw_major=2
  3. flukso.main.hw_minor=2
  4. flukso.main.sw_major=1
  5. flukso.main.sw_minor=0
  6. flukso.main.uart_tx_invert=0
  7. flukso.main.uart_rx_invert=0
  8. flukso.main.max_sensors=6
  9. flukso.main.reset_counters=0
  10. flukso.main.phase=1
  11. flukso.main.dsmr=4.0
  12. flukso.main.max_provisioned_sensors=64
  13. flukso.main.max_analog_sensors=3
  15. root@flukso-a004fa:~# uci show flukso.1
  16. flukso.1=sensor
  17. flukso.1.type=electricity
  18. flukso.1.class=analog
  19. flukso.1.current=50
  21. flukso.1.function=House
  22. flukso.1.enable=1
  23. flukso.1.voltage=240
  24. flukso.1.counter=11271130
  25. flukso.1.port=1
  26. root@flukso-a004fa:~# uci show flukso.2
  27. flukso.2=sensor
  28. flukso.2.type=electricity
  29. flukso.2.current=50
  31. flukso.2.voltage=240
  32. flukso.2.class=analog
  33. flukso.2.counter=0
  34. flukso.2.function=Unused
  35. flukso.2.port=2
  36. flukso.2.enable=1
  37. root@flukso-a004fa:~# uci show flukso.3
  38. flukso.3=sensor
  39. flukso.3.type=electricity
  40. flukso.3.current=50
  42. flukso.3.voltage=240
  43. flukso.3.counter=0
  44. flukso.3.class=analog
  45. flukso.3.function=House Off Peak
  46. flukso.3.enable=1
  47. flukso.3.port=3
  48. root@flukso-a004fa:~# uci show flukso.4
  49. flukso.4=sensor
  50. flukso.4.type=electricity
  51. flukso.4.class=pulse
  53. flukso.4.constant=0.5
  54. flukso.4.enable=1
  55. flukso.4.function=Cottage
  56. flukso.4.counter=36489
  57. flukso.4.port=4
  58. root@flukso-a004fa:~# uci show flukso.5
  59. flukso.5=sensor
  60. flukso.5.type=electricity
  61. flukso.5.class=pulse
  63. flukso.5.constant=0.5
  64. flukso.5.function=Cottage Off Peak
  65. flukso.5.enable=1
  66. flukso.5.counter=35893
  67. flukso.5.port=5

So, I should be seeing four graphs displayed on the dash, but just cant get the second analog readings to work

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Some more information:
When I was testing my pulse meters for the cottage, I setup one on port 2, but then moved them to ports 4 and 5 which is where they are now.
Then I installed the extra current clamp and I just used uci set commands to change from pulse to analog settings on the port 2, followed by:

  1. uci commit
  2. fsync
  3. reboot

When the second port produced no readings, I used the sensor web page to disable it and enable the third analog port and moved the current clamp, but still no luck.
Now, I have tried all three analog ports enabled, but clamps only connected to ports 1 and 3 and nothing connected to port 2.

This morning, I power cycled Flukso and have put the House main and House Off Peak clamps back on the correct power circuits. You can see on the dash panel the house main circuit is showing exported power from my solar PV - but that's a story for another time.

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Seems to be working now. I wasn't able to check this until I got home from work and discovered the real time graph was showing values and when my off peak kicked in I seeing that consumption as well.