Pulse or coil?

Hi all.

I had a small solar setup that the grid tie inverter was giving bad readings on my V2 Fluksometer... So I had to set up a pulse meter and set up my Fluksometer to read the pulse port.

Last week the landlord decided to replace the roof and now says I'm not allowed to have the three panels I had sitting up there any more.

So now I'm thinking of selling off all the solar gear but am considering keeping the flukeso and connecting it to the main switchboard so I can monitor my usage and costs. I figure selling the Fluksometer as well would be pointless as I have proberly changed the password and it's configured for my system.

My problem begins here. As my sub switchboard is in the lounge room wall I only want to have to bolt the Fluksometer to the wall. Not the extra 4 din case that contains the one module power meter (it's also the pulse generator).
Is pulse more accurate or coil? The next problem is that if I reinstall the coil (and that's if I can even find it) I'm guessing I'll have to delete the pulse thingy out of the Fluksometer and get a new sensor id or app key for the coil? It's been set up for 2 years and I've forgotten how I set it up or even if I changed the password.

What would you suggest I do?


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The manual is here: https://github.com/flukso/flm02/wiki
You may use the pulse meter for consumption readings, iff it is in the consumption path (let a sparky do).
If you have a "balanced" power factor then a current clamp is as accurate as a pulse meter; inverters here show a bad habit at nights, therefore the pulse meter recommendation.
If you forgot your password (and did change the default 'root') then a factory reset will help (see manual). This does not affect the web site's content - configuration does not delete, but just alter the sensor enablement - so you just diable the pulse port and enable the current clamp port.
So, first try to enter the FLM with default user root and password root and take a look at the sensor configuration... Again - see the manual...