Graphing usage without PV generation

It would be nice to have a way to generate a custom graph displaying fase1+fase2+fase3-solar(PVOut). Or am I missing something here?

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You are missing nothing here, but in the diverse threads on this topic that already run around for some time - use your favorite search engine and do a " ...your search term..." to take a look at the diverse discussions.

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If you would only like to graph your total usage. make sure your pv connect to the feed line coming in before anything starts using it. put your clamp or pulse meter after your pv input but before anything else.

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Ok, I rewired my electrical cabinet today, now I'm measuring my 3 phases when they come out of my 0,3A diff and the PV output goes directly in that diff, bypassing the entire flukso analog Amperage measurement system.

I'm sad it took me all those years to figure this out :(