my first impressions : installation : configuring a 3x220V system

I have my flukso now for more than 2 weeks and these are my suggestions.
I will post one suggestion per topic so people can react

I have a 3x220V-system, which means that I measure 220V between the 2 phases.

This is different from a 3x380V-system where you measure 220V between eache phase and the "ground/neutral conductor" and 380V between 2 phases.

The consequence is that I need to enter 220V/sqrt(3) = 127 V in the voltage of the sensor.
This is confusing to say the least. A more straightforward way should be found to configure this.

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I have the same situation. Has this been fixed in the mean time?

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Sorry to insist, the manual says "Besides the current range, you can also specify the line voltage for each clamp." - so, what ist the official line voltage of your country?!
What would be your proposal for a better description?

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I understand what the manual says but there are a couple of possibilities in Belgium as explained in the original post and also here:
I only discovered this post now. I also understand that firmware or other improvements cannot solve the 'issue'.