Graphs extra


New to the Flukso energy thing.

What i'm missing is some 'in-depth' graph tools.
For example, it would be nice if you can 'zoom' in on a certain part. Fe this night i had a peak, and it's hard to figure out the exact time frame here...

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Nice little machine but more graphs options would be great. And an easy way for non coders ( and dare I say windows users) to access the data would also be nice.
Any way to turn out a little program that combines the Flukso API with the Cacti graphing tool ??

Anybody else using the Flukso for solar feed-in measurements ?

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I'm using JPgraph... currently using line & bargraphs... (Watt & last hour) (Watt & last 24h) (Kwh & last 30 days)

and I'm using 2 sensors (power & solar) and mixing them in 1 graph

I believe you'd want to use Google Docs (Spreadsheet & graphs) and access the XML instead of JSON feed of Flukso

as a non programmer...perhaps could help but I haven't yet tried it... and I don't know if you can secure it for prying eyes (with the sensorid they can only view your stats they can't login on the flukso website)