Compare your use with other people

A nice thing is that you can compare with other the graphs.
Just the selection isn't real userfriendly (open/select/autoclose/open/s...)

Maybe it's intresting that we can some additional information to a profile. This way, you could compare some stuff with persons that live the same lifestyle.

- Homeworker, dayworker, housewife/men, nighworker ...
- Family with 1, 2, 3... persons
- Heavy load of electricity devices (fe electrical heating, waterboiler...)
- Use of intelligent electricity (I mean some domotica)
- ...

This could give you a nice idea how you're doing when you compare with others.

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this would be useful. But we can also make a topic at the forum for this ...

As for me:
- Everything on electricity (part of the heating is on 3 phase which is not monitored)
- Most of the lights are LED bulbs
- 3 person's at home, 1 kid of 2.5. All dayworkers.

Continuous users:
* a small electrical boiler in the kitchen
* fridge/freezer
* wash-machine(B)/dry-machine(A) (mainly on sunday)
* domotica system
* air-ventilation system (active since this weekend)

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You're correct, we can start already in this topic to tell us how we're configured. :p

- Basic home, 2 people (1 dayworker and 1 nightworker)
- Normal lights
- 2 electrical boilers (kitchen and bathroom)
- Washing machine, no dryer
- Fridge / Freezer
- 1 tropical aquarium and 1 Terrarium
- 4 electrical fireplates
- Dishwasher
- Heating is not electrical, except 1 extra little heater in the bathroom.
- Kind of IT goeroe, so a lot of IT-equipment (3 pc's, 1 NAS, Led-TV, cisco switch, PS3, Digirecorder...). The NAS and switch are the only thing that's running 24/24-7/7.

We try as much as possible to run things at night. And some timers on stuff like aqua/terra, main water boiler...
For the moment a global average of 400W, so i think it's not so bad... ;)

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Kris, Ben,

Nice initiative. This will undoubtedly help us make more sound decisions on if/what/how we should implement this type of functionality.

So here are my house(hold) details:
- Two grown-ups Veerle and Bart in their mid-thirties, three children (four by the end of July) Luca(9), Elena(6) and Niels(3).
- My wife works in Brussels. I'm running Flukso HQ from home.
- Central heating and water heating are oil-based.
- Washing machine and dryer. We try to use the former on 30-40°C, except for dirty or white laundry. Once I noticed the humongous amount of energy consumed by our dryer, I installed about 60m of clothes lines. Some of the lines are spanned indoors, in the utility room where the oil burner is located. We mainly use the indoor lines during the winter months. Despite the very cold winter, we managed not to use our dryer a single time for more than a year now. Our conclusion: You do not need 25°C and sunshine to dry clothes outside. 5°C and some wind will do just fine. It just takes a little longer. You do have to work with the weather a bit. We can have three to four washing machine cycles a day when the weather allows for outdoor drying.
- New fridge, five-year-old freezer. The new fridge is saving us 500kWh/year as shown in this blog post.
- Electric boiling plates.
- Dishwasher.
- The majority of the lighting is CFL, except for some infrequently used places like the cellar where an incandescent light bulb is still used.
- Nerd equipment: Two computers, three screens for Flukso HQ. They're off about six hours a day. :-) One additional computer for the kids, TV and DVD player. We use switched distribution plugs to eliminate standby power consumption.

The Flukso 'year' chart says we've used 231 watts on average during the past 52 weeks which translates into 2023kWh/year. I'm throwing a party when we cross the 2000kWh/year mark.


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My configuration :

- 2 mid fourties with 3 daughters (ages between 11 and 16), my wife stays at home
- normal lights (already some energy saving bulbs)
- heating and boiler on gas
- washing machine, dryer, dishwasher
- fridge of about 30 years age
- freezer of 20 years age (consuming 2150Wh a day)
- 4 electrical fireplates which are not monitored
- swimming pool installation is monitored on the second graph (not visible for the moment)
- X10 domotic system; I just found out that those switches are using all together about 100W constantly (on second graph, not visible)
- a lot of nerd equipment (4 pc's, 2 NAS, router, switch, hugh solid ink printer, wii, recorder...). 1 server, 1 NAS, router, switch, printer, wii and recorder are running 24/24-7/7.
- we are also producing around 5500KWh/year with our solar installation

We try as much as possible to run things at night.
For the moment our anual consumption is 8000KWh, and I have a constant utilisation of 450W. This is half of my power consumption, and is worth some investigation.

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A nice addon would be that we could put this data into our webprofile.
Maybe with extra colomns? For example: Description - Usuage (W) - approx uptime - ...

This way, you can build a kind of inventory for your devices. It can be intresting to have an overview what's using when/where.
I'm using about 350W the whole time? If you start to note these things time, it's starts to become clear (nas, aqua, radio, digirecorder...).

I know it's a bit of web-work, but it's worth it. I've done something simular for a 'vzw' with 8000 members. They put some technical data in there about their motorcycles.
Once it starts running, you (and others) can pull interesting data from it.