Happy New Year

12 months of health
52 weeks of quiet happiness
366 careless days
These are our wishes for 2020!

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My FLM02 is 535d 21h online without issues :-) Happy New Year.

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Mine has a 263d 22h uptime, but more than 6 years with no issues at all
Happy 2020 to all the forum users.

I wish that this new Year bring more life in this forum :-)

Bart, any news for 2020 ?

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Personally, I think that Bart is no longer in the mood to do any development with regard to Flukso.
Whereas Flukso was one of the few in the field of monitoring at the start of its formation in 2011, in the year 2019/2020 there are several companies that offer monitoring systems. For the do-it-yourself programmers, there are the Arduino and other microcontrollers that can make beautiful and better data and graphics possible to process ( on your own server ) than Flukso.
When I look at his blog, the last post was on 15/02/2018 and the Kube project also died a silent death.
I no longer see a response in the forum or I get any response to my email.

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Hm, @wizzopa, what do you expect? We reached a state of commodity with respect to power monitoring. But to compare it with Arduino and other microcontrollers is rather unfair (you may have used this also 10 years ago), as with the FLM you got a solution out of the box, a full appliance including a web backend to push data to that after 10 years still serves its users. I bought a solar logger for three times the price that made its web backend a payable service after just five years - and this was also, when doing a bit of research, nothing else than an off-the-shelf microcontroller with LAN option and some storing software. So, let us all be grateful that we STILL see this webpage and are able to use this cute little appliance. May it not become a Chumby ;-) And don't underestimate the software part; to get that stable also large companies partly struggle and fall... You may feed your Siri, Alexa, or else instead and pay the price with your privacy ;-)

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You are probably right about Flukso, but that does not alter the fact that I find it very rude that a Flukso owner does not take the trouble to respond in any way, not to Email, not in Forum and not by telephone.

If I would place an order for 4 New Fluksos, he will probably be the first to respond, but if you ask to add 4 serial numbers of used Fluksos to the database, whether or not against payment of a modest amount, you will not receive a response.

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Well, "add" is somehow incorrect; the previous owners could just remove the used FLMs from their accounts; they do not need to be "added". A matter of procedure and no kind of rudeness with that respect...

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The Flukso’s are used SmartGrid and reflashed to Flukso 250 firmware.

First contact by mail about 6 months ago.

But no respons.

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First and foremost, my best wishes for 2020 to all you Fluksonians!

* The FLM02 and FLM03's seem to be humming along just fine. I've experienced 600+ day Fluksometer uptimes when not impacted by a power cut!
* The FluksoKubes have been used successfully in several monitoring campaigns to validate the design of low-energy/passive homes. However, we do not intend make the FLK01B available through the webshop at this moment.
* While monitoring is great for obtaining a concise view on a dwelling's resource consumption, the control aspect is key for systematically lowering household demand. Flukso is now a partner in a research project that focuses on hybridisation of domestic heating. The idea is to cover at least part of the heating demand by an air-water heat pump that's put in series with the existing gas boiler. As you might expect, this requires quite extensive monitoring and control logic.
* MySmartGrid FLM02's are part of a dedicated research project. They were delivered 8+ years ago. These specific FLM's serials and sensor id's were never pre-loaded into the flukso.net database. I suggest you hook them up to the MySmartGrid platform or extract the readings locally.

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Thanks for the info.

How do i transfer data from an older Flukso to a new Flukso.