help troubleshoting


Sense the upgrade to Firmware 250, One of my Electrical Sensors is not reporting data to flukso but I do see it on the logs graving data.

How can I trouble shoot this issue?
Ideas and help welcome!

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To encircle any potential error:

  • "on the logs" means "on the syslog tab of the local FLM" as an entry?
  • What kind of sensor? Clamp or pulse? Any load present? Wires attached correctly (as they may detach)?
  • Thus, on the syslog "Jul 24 04:17:51 flukso-id fluksod[some_number]: processed pulse sensor_id:timestamp:counter_value"?
  • Did you try to resync with Flukso by saving the sensor page (again)?
  • Have you tried to watch the corresponding MQTT gauge? (use mosquitto_sub -h FLM-ip -v -t /sensor/+/gauge)
  • Have you read through the manual's debugging and FAQ section for any further idea?
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I'll come back and post with the requested info.

Right now the sensor keeps dropping in and out of the report in the site.

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Sadly you blocked your readings from other Fluksonians to have a look; this makes any "educated guess" very difficult...

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its now public

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OK, which sensor do you feel to be erroneous? AC and mains follow each other; and home office moves around 500W with visible updates. If the corresponding values are feasible you have to judge. So, down to hourly nothing strange as such...

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I think you are right. I might be reading this wrong.

Thanks again.