water meter

Some time ago I bought the water reed switch sensor. I have never been able to use it because I am in the US and here water meters do not use reed switches for the most part... When they finally put one in on my area that had a reed switch they cut off my cable and I got in lots of trouble for putting a "cable" on their equipment... never again.

So I am giving this another round... Searching the net I found this water meter and has a pulse output:

They have an option to come with the reed switch installed.

Would this work with flukso v2?

I plan to install it right at the main line of my sprinkler system.



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Hardware-side it would work - this is actually the intended "standard setup"; "issue" may be that it measures gallons, not liters; so you have to set the corresponding meter constant correctly (1 gallon = 3.785l) for being interpreted in the intended may.