Hexabus Plug

I've been wanting to build something like the hexabus plug (control + monitoring at the appliance level) for a long time and stumbled across: https://www.flukso.net/files/presentations/flukso.20121026.hack_hexaplug...

I wondered if you had any more information or source files I could use to produce/build the PCBs?



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The design in the presentation is the enhancement's/alteration's prototype, Bart has shown at the Elektrocamp 201210 in Leuven; I bet he will publish it in https://github.com/flukso/flt02 once it is ready...

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Hi Lee,

I've indeed hacked the low-power section of the Hexaplug. It's using a AVR+RFM12B combo. The firmware uses a Jeenode-compatible packet format. The primary aim was to investigate how a Fluksometer could act as a gateway to an RFM12/Jeenode sensor network. Once the new FLM sensor board with on-board RFM12 is ready, I'll continue working on the plug side.

Do you have any experience producing this kind of hardware?


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Hi Bart,

Thanks for coming back to me.

Do you have the original PCB design for the Hexaplug (high and low voltage boards) or did you merely redesign the low voltage board with your modifications from scratch?

Do you have any rough idea on when the new FLM sensor board will be ready?

My knowledge / experience in this area is limited unfortunately. I've only been working with the arduino and jeelabs stuff for a year or so (i spend most of my time with software rather than hardware) but i'm fairly motivated and potentially have some money to invest if I feel it'll get something off the ground. I think kickstarter has been inspiring me to try and take some action!