How come change of Wifi channel did made Flukso not to store localy?

I am very happy user for more than 1 year.
The box works so well I almost forget you have one.
Until I changed the channel of my Wifi router, where the box stopped reporting to Flukso website.
When I discovered the problem to rolled back the change and the reporting started again.

But I was surprised none of the measurements was kept local.
Is there a ways to recover these?


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Im guessing not..

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There is no data kept at local level.
That's why, if you want the 1s readings, you need to create something with MQTT that logs the readings live, and not extract/export them 1 per day or something.
(although that would have been a nice feature)

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What I said is not 100% correct. The flukso stores 60 seconds of data, not more.

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If the flukso stores 60 seconds of data, why is the dash on updating only every 5 minutes ?
Sorry being off-topic ;-)

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The FLM reports its readings in minute resolution to at five minute intervals. The local FLM API provides access to the readings in second resolution. These are however not sent to