New user, what model do i need?

Hi, i'm a new user and want to order a Fluksometer, but i don't know the differences between V2 and 2B?
I have a normal analog meter.

My plan is to remotely control the use of energy in my summer cabin when i'm not around.

The master fuse is 50A and i think i must use a 50A clamp? (i have only two cables in to the old meter)
In addition, is it possible to use tree digital meters wit SO 1000 puls pr. KvH?


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Hello mortenr,

The major differences between the A and B version are listed in the shop entry. Both can use current clamps. The B version is more flexible in its setup (3xclamps + 2xpulse or 1xclamp and 4xpulse) and comes with an 868MHz radio module. The latter is meant to relay readings from wireless sensor nodes to the FLM. Please note that the software for this functionality is still in development.

If you want to log the readings of 3x S0 pulse meters, then you should use an FLM02B.