How come there is a delay in graphs displaying?

Minute tab shows in real time, depending mostly on your Internet connection. The hour tab however can have up to five minutes delay and the day tab can be up to 30 min delayed. Why is this? And when does the month graph update after midnight?

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Your flukso is sending data every 5 minutes to the webserver.

On the hour, day and minute tab you will only see the time/date of the previous marker, and not of the last one ... so the date is there it's only not showing the time/date when you hover your mouse above it.


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Thanks, I thought data was sent more frequent. But how come it can be up to 30 min delay on the day tab? And again how soon after midnight is the month tab updated?

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The day chart has a 15 minute resolution, i.e. each data point covers 15 mins. The marker indicates the start of the interval. A marker on the day chart with a timestamp of 9AM means that its value is the average value between 9AM and 9:15AM. In order to have the 9:15AM data point plotted on the chart, it'll have to be past 9:30AM. Furthermore, the server will have to wait until the FLM reports its readings, which is set at 5min intervals as mentioned by on3ptz.

You can apply a similar reasoning for the month chart with its day resolution and the year chart with its week resolution.

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More queries: why do weeks (year chart) start on a Thursday? My first logged day was a Tuesday.

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That's due to the round-robin database we're using for storing the time series. The DB uses unix time as a reference. As Jan 1, 1970 was a Thursday, all consecutive weeks start on a Thursday as well.

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OK, I see. For the year graph I would prefer monthly values. This is suggested under "Flukso would need to..."