How to connect 80w single din rail to Flukso model B?

Ive purchased the 80w meter from here :

I was just wondering is there any documentation on how to plug this into the flukso? The electrician is coming over to install the outlet needed and the din but im not sure how he wires it up to the flukso? The wires going into the meter look a lot thicker than what the flukso will accept?

Any help would be great!



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He will know what to do. Under the cover should be 2 small screw terminals. Just use a piece of thin flex as a signal wire to the terminals on the flukso side mounting block.
I use old wire flex section cut from an unwanted 240v power lead from an old tv. It has 2 wires and is double insulated.

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Hey Bazzle thats awesome thanks very much!

On the B model flukso which ports does he connect it to?

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The description tells (second image): screw terminals S0 20(+) 21(-); connect them with a two-wire to the corresponding pulse port terminals of the FLM - version B port 2 to 5, with port 2/3 to be changed to pulse input in the configuration. Be aware to keep the wire meant for pulse transport away from the mains wires (this the sparky should know)

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Waiting on my unit to arrive, have same DIN rail already installed with two wire waiting so this will be easy :-)

C is your system up on PVOutput and where are you located ?


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Heh your system was born 3 days before mine

I'm in Sydney about 15km NNW of CBD

Have been recording TOU Usage by manual reading of meters three times a day, looking forward to the ease of the Flukso unit

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Hi so the sparky just finished. He plugged it into sensor 2 but it seems thats only for analog? How do I change sensor 2 to pulse?

" with port 2/3 to be changed to pulse input in the configuration."

Or do I need to move the cable from port 2 to port 4 or 5? (Which in the config is Pulse)

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Ahh i got it !! sorry :)

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Sorry what should the constant field be set to?

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See manual: "A meterconstant de fines the amount of flow represented by each pulse. For electricity, the unit is Wh per pulse..."
Example: Meter says "1000 pulses per kWh" => constant = 1 as 1000Wh eq 1000 pulses; "2000/kWh" => 0.5 Wh per pulse, and so on.

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Thanks guys I put 1 for the constant..

So its up and running!! My consumption is now on pvoutput as well below:

Hmm now I need to think of the next project :) Dont have gas here just induction.. Maybe water monitoring :) :)


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With respect to projects: Perhaps pipe other sensor data through your FLM, e.g. temperature using MQTT ;-) --> - and storing that stuff in a database and visualizing it properly in a chart or dashboard...