Improving the FLM manual

There is a LaTeX-based manual for the Fluksometer, which is "just a bit" outdated, there are blog posts by Bart, and there are a lot of forum threads on diverse topics, dealing with certain details on different questions and requests.
Complaints have been raised that this diversity is rather not too convenient, even though G**gle search is pretty easy to adapt, if you dare to ask the right question...

So, how to overcome this situation?

Bart proposes to open a GitBook; I rather would keep it much simpler and transfered the existing manual plus some additons into "markdown", providing a FLM manual wiki, which lives along the source code of the Fluksometer.
Yet to be clarified is the distribution of topics: Is it a chapter-by-chapter book or is it a quick-introduction with accompanying questions and answers, which again raises the "right question" issue, is it an expert compendium or a "Fluksometer for Dummies", explaining also the most simple things?

Make up your mind. What is it, what is required? What is a convenient format to present it? And what would be a format you would be thrilled to contribute?

In the advent of the FLM03E (never trust an 'A'-version ;-)) this is a rather important issue, isn't it?

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I think chapters with each containing relevant answers to forum questions would be good?

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I think a FLM manual wiki is a good idea, but who can make some time to take some snapshots of the forum and write the wiki manual ? Or is the idea to place just some hyper-links to relevant forum treads ?

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"who can make some time to take some snapshots" - always someone else...
If you dare to take a look then you could see that certain aspects are already included; with that respect: What actual aspects to add?
IMHO, PVoutput I won't like to see in there as this is an external service; and browser incapabilities are also not subject to FLM specifics...
See - as I already occupied some space of Bart's.

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I dont like much having wiki as main source of information. It is too unstructured for my taste and understanding. I understand better a neatly organized text that I can browse from top to bottom.

The manual at github is exactly what I like and need, for example in the area of MQTT (I had to struggle a lot through various posts to get into that one) - Congratulations, Markus, thanks a lot !

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Thanks Markus, excellent work !

Something that could be added is a small chapter about enabling the web interface through wifi, as it's probably the first thing we all want to do.

Regarding the optical sensors, the CNY70 is a somewhat compact alternative and examples with resistors values can be found here
But I assume people that are DIY enough to build their sensors shoud find that page easily.