Include data from replaced flm

There needs to be a way to merge previous data into new flm graph to keep records visible and data analysis complete.

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Is there a merge function available please?


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It's one thing that is holding me back from upgrading my FLM: the prospect of potentially lost/discontinued data. I asked about this before but never got a clear answer...

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There is a primitive way to merge your data graphically by keeping your old and new FLM associated with your account. The lines will have different colours when crossing the replacement timestamp. But they should nevertheless both be visible.

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I know the server part is a free service from you, but :(

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Can you explain how to show both accounts please. I cant seem to get it to work.

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Bart, if you keep an "old" FLM associated with an account you rather cannot sell it to assign it to a new account and in the same time keep data. So, indeed it would be a nice feature to allow migration.
By TMPO I bet this would even be an option for a user service - download complete TMPO data, optionally transform content to different sensor IDs (the "new" sensors), upload the TMPO data to another account (or the own FLM - to be checked for memory sufficiency, of course).
As a workaround, FLM local TMPO data at least may be saved locally, using scp or WinSCP and archiving all content of /usr/share/tmpo/sensor/ - which, of course, leaves out any data previous to v2.4.x... (but maybe you, Bart, have migrated all db content to the TMPO format and allow this to be taken from the server via REST)

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OK. Adding my old "broken" flm number worked.

As above though maybe just allowing to change a flm number to add an suffix (x) would allow a serviceable unit to be resold.