In Home Display / Android app

I would love to have an IHD (in home display) to show live FLUSKO data with colour visualisation similar to these ideas:

Wattson meter shows red/green colour depending on import/export of electricity:

emonGLCD shows generation/consumption/net(+/-) usage:

Like these apps running on a cheap android device (itself based on another open source app):

I'll see if I can d/l the source code and have a hack at it, can't be too hard :)

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+1 but an iOs App

Although at least android tablets can be bought very cheaply.

Could even be done in a web browser/Dash then wouldn't matter what tablet people wanted to use.

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The latter you already may tweak your FLM with:
Here you also get all your nifty capabilities with "just some lines of JavaScript" (I do not see why to bother with any kind of app for local utilization)...

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This afternoon I installed FLMlocal, quiet cool and a big improvement, at least I can now set up an inhome display with a tablet that hopefully doesn't time out like the 1min tab view.

Still needs a simple graphical styled display summarises everything including net consumption,

I guess I could see what I could come up with but think it may be a bit steep of learning curve for me.

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There's a free App for Flukso too Guard Flukso..
Only works on your local network though.

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This afternoon I installed also the FLMlocal. Very nice done !
The TMPO is not working yet, but that is for later, it is also not that easy, that was for experts you said ;-)
Thank you Markus