Issue after Upgrade

I got a Flukso today and followed the instructions to connect it to my pulse meters and then get the wifi configured to report the data back to the server. This all worked well and then I decided to upgrade the firmware to v223.

After a few hours I checked to see if the device had upgraded and the website device tab said it was done. I then tried to open a web browser to connect to the device from my local network (I had previously done the command line firewall opening) but couldn't connect to it.

I removed the device and connected it up to my PC again on the ehternet port to get back into the Flukso. The web browser has changed with the new firmware. It says on the status page that its v223 and on the wifi tab its back to factory defaults.

I tried to set the wifi up again but it will only let me enter the ssid and the key, I have no access to the other parameters so cannot set it to WPA2 PSK.

Also the there is no tab for setting the ethernet port parameters anymore.

When the web browser first opens there is now a login page that has the root/root details prefilled in.

What can I do?

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r223 indeed comes with a completely overhauled local web configuration UI. It will auto-detect the wifi encryption type. The ethernet port parameters should not be modified. In wifi reporting mode, the eth port is set as a DHCP server. In ethernet reporting mode, the eth port is configured as a DHCP client.