Ghost-current on clamp Zon1

2 day's ago I succesfully installed a flukso-device + 3 clamps. My main interest is metering de power from my solar-installation. It consists of 7 Steca 500 Net inverters in 2 groups (5 and 2) on one powerline that is metered bij a Clamp with the name: 'Zon1'. I have a 1 fase 230 volt installation. I have 2 steca Net-controllers with measured the power of the two Solar groups, but one broke down.

My problem is that clamp 'Zon1' is metering Ghost-current. At night when the steca inverters are sleeping/swithed-off the clamp registered a current of 235 Watt. I checked with an other device the same line and it reads 4-15 watts (jumping) which is consistent with de spec's of the Steca's (should be zero, but okee..). When I disconnect the sub-group of 2 steca's the measured power drops with 50 watts. When I switch the powerline completely off the clamp Zon1 measures 3 watts. I tried installing the clamp on another position, neutral and back to the hot line but with the same results. I switched of the Frontdoor-Bell-transformator that's near the solar-powerline, but the same result. What is clamp Zon1 metering? Can I adjust the result by substracting 235watt from the results?

Best regards,
Peter Veeling.

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As the "reactive power" topic pops up from time to time, see also
My learning from this was to not use current clamps for PV measuring but switch to "some S0/pulse capable" meter to feed into the FLM (I currently use a cheap "swissnox" single phase meter for under 20Eur).
Regards, Markus

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Just my 2 cents: Markus is right, please read the comments in all other topics. The problem is caused by reactive power, which was proven in my installation last week. I changed my inverter from an SMA1200 to an SMA2000HF. I never had any ghost currents with the old inverter, but now I have a reading of 60W at night. Since nothing changed at my switchboard it is not the clamp placement. It must be the reactive power measurement.
So I probably have to go to a pulse meter, but both pulse ports are already planned to be used for water and gas.... An upgrade to a fluksometer v2b is inevitable.