Last heartbeat - no data


Today i received my flukso.
Installed and configured like the website said.
Device is working, wifi led is blinking slow. So the wifi connection is ok.

But i do not get to see any data of my flukso.
When i connect it again it says that the connection is ok.
Transfer and receive data of the wifi connection changes when i refresh.
I also can visit the site.

When i look at de device tab in "my account" i see that the "last heartbeat" is from 2 hours ago and it stays that way. This is the time and date when i put it on power after connecting the wires.
When i unplug the power and re-power, the last heartbeat stays the same.

Someone who can help me?

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This problem is solved...
Installation is correct, but the pulse sensor wasn't enabled.

Now it is working great.