Meter capturing using repurposed adsl routers

Hi All,
I was searching for an "open" project utilising old adsl routers re-flashed with a usable linux firmware (such as openWRT) to do energy monitoring.

Fluxo seems to be the nearest thing but requires (quite expensive IMHO) dedicated hardware.

In the UK, simple metering using the open-collector output from the digital meter, or the clamp meters (which only display) which most energy suppliers will give on request for free), is already possible.

A way to interface these and put them online (via fluxo or the google thing) seems sensible and could have a wide uptake but I haven't found any existing project along these lines yet - any ideas?


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You could indeed limit costs if you could only get the "atmega"-part of it and the software to be installed on your openwrt capable device.

But not many people have an openwrt capable device and it requires compiling for your specific openwrt version & hardware (mips vs mipsel...)

openwrt <> Ddwrt <> gargoyle for instance...
and I haven't seen many "isp routers" with openwrt on it :-)

the only ones I would like an "atmega flukso dongle" would be the fonera 2.0g/n devices...

I now have 2 "atheros" devices next to each other :-)