Monitoring Fluksometer using a local PC in laymans terms.

I have asked in a couple of places and been directed to the user manual, etc. Sql, linux ????

Im sorry but I just cant understand what it means. I am not a programmer or software writer.

Is there an easy explanation of how to log and graph locally using an PC with xp loaded on it?

It would be great if the Fluksometer came with some software you could install and read without needing a degree in computer science.

I would even be willing to pay a small fee!


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I guess there is no easy way to do it, unless you or someone writes the small app that calls the api for data, or flukso adds SNMP. so you could querry for data from some stock aplication.

My Flukso is still in mail but i already think of realtime visualisation. Started coding an app in android, as I think a PC is not a good option. I need a screen that will show the current power and some graphs all the time.

I got a el cheapo Goclever 7" tablet. (480x800 with resistive screen for 80 euro) and will hang it on the wall as the realtime display. Should have that done in a month. and will report on the results.


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Many thanks for taking the time to answer.
If I knew how to write Aps? or understood what it means would be helpful.

Im sure someone on here with a Flukso has done so?
Anyone willing to help please?