More than one wire through a power clamp

Hi all,

I would like to know the power consumtion of my heaters. Can I pass all
my heaters phase wire through a single power clamp ?

All my heater are on the same electrical phase, but through different
wire ...



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Hi Cyril,

In short: yes.

As long as you can fit all of the wires within the clamp's opening and you're still able to close the clamp firmly. As you pointed out already, all wires should be part of the same phase. If not, you'll end up with bogus readings.

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The wires also have to pass through in the same direction (the likely situation), otherwise one will subtract instead of add. Sometimes this is the desired outcome (e.g. subtract solar from house net to get house load).

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The current MK 2 Flukso that I have just installed allows you to show Solar separately :)