Sensor not displaying on Flukso website

Good day.
I have managed to connect the Fluksometer in the the Flukso website. Then I had the sensor installed by an electrician. Do I need to register the sensor as a device on the Flukso website? When I try to enter the Sensor serial number it states that it is not a valid serial number. The sensor does not show on my account at all {and therefore no measurements are pulling through :-( }.
What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks

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When I connected mine up (after getting it working........) it just showed up on AFTER I logged in with my user name and password and entered my serial number on the register page (from memory)
In the Setup menu on my PC I just had to name the sensors.
Sensor 1 I called Main Supply.
Sensor 2 I called Solar input.

I also waited until the world symbol on the Fluksometer was steady before looking for a reading.


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Thanks Bazzle
I have logged in with my username on and have registered my Fluksometer. But the sensor does not show on the site. All the lights are working on the meter (except the ethernet light as it is now wifi). I feel I am so close and just have to work out how to configure the sensor... Any ideas?

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It appears that your Fluksometer's sensor configuration wasn't properly synchronised with the Flukso server. That's why you don't see any sensors listed under the My account -> sensor page. Just connect your laptop to the Fluksometer's ethernet port, point your browser to [1], configure and enable the ports you're using and press save. After the page reloads, the status should indicate that the synchronisation was successful.


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Thanks so much for the help. All working now. I would never have been able to sort this out without your assistance.