MQTT not working anymore?

I did today some upgrades on my servers, and after these updates, it seems that MQTT is no longer connecting? Anybody else have problems with the latest clients?
I've tested this with 2 servers (latest apt installations of mosquitto).
Connection from the flukso itself is working.

mosquitto_sub -h fluksoIP -p 1883 -v -t /sensor/#
>>> it hangs

mosquitto_sub -h -p 1883 -v -t /sensor/#
/sensor/52f5c63cc4221fbbedcb499908a0a823/gauge [1576002731,1085,"W"]
/sensor/52f5c63cc4221fbbedcb499908a0a823/counter [1576002731,36893549,"Wh"]
/sensor/3d6e4422977869dcd01dc1fc5e09d447/counter [1576002670,597279,"L"]
/sensor/3d6e4422977869dcd01dc1fc5e09d447/gauge [1576002670,282,"L/day"]
/sensor/52f5c63cc4221fbbedcb499908a0a823/gauge [1576002732,1079,"W"]

Any idea?

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What happens the other way around, when you try to publish something yourself? Is that transmitted? I have no issues so far, neither on RPi, nor on my Mac.

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Hmmm, mqtt is dropping it? Is there somewhere a log for mqtt? My /var/log is very empty... :$

root@test:~# mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -t /sensor/52f5c63cc4221fbbedcb499908a0a823/gauge -m "TEST"
Error: The connection was lost.

root@test:~# mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -t /sensor -m "TEST"
Error: The connection was lost.

However, the server seems to be working as expected... ?

root@test:~# ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=1.62 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=63 time=1.15 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=63 time=1.16 ms

root@test:~# telnet 1883
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

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Is the port filtered?

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Do you mean secure mqtt?

Not by my knowledge. At least I didn't change anything on flukso level.
Only an apt update on the remote clients. And after this, the issue began.

I also seen some topics on the net regarding clientidentifier issue.
But couldn't figure out in flukso how to clear this.

Any way to start the mqtt log?
I'm not able to start this logging through the mosquitto.conf file... :$

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Just did an update myself on RPi buster - no issue calling mosquitto_sub -h flmIP -v -t '#'; so it is either "on the network" or the ghost in the shell ;-)

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Did you also update the mosquitto clients? apt-get update -y mosquitto-clients Maybe the mosquitto and its clients do not fit; just a guess as, as I wrote, on my RPi everthing works as it should.

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so it is either "on the network" or the ghost in the shell ;-)

I found it hard to believe....
Till I put myself in your shoes...
And did a test form the network itself. It works from there on!

My server 'test' is on a DMZ, the flukso is on a wireless LAN. In between I'm having a firewall.
At first sight, firewall is working correctly, traffic is arriving at flukso side.
Next step, trying to figure out if it's the firewall that blocks something, or the flukso that has an issue to respond to other networks... (it pings both ways, not bad already)...

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hmmm, to fast...

I moved the flukso to the DMZ, and still not working. (server and meter are on the same network).
I'm trying now from the machine where it worked before, and it's still working.
Only difference I see between the server and the working client is the version:

Client (linux Mint): mosquitto_sub: 3.1 client
Server (linux Ubuntu): moquitto_sub: 3.1.1/3.1 client

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I confirm...

Not working (default 311):
mosquitto_sub -h -v -t '#'

Working (version 31):
mosquitto_sub -h -v -t '#' -V mqttv31

So I guess the latest MQTT version will have an issue with the Flukso version.

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Just upgrade the firmware to 250.

But still no luck.
Some extra GUI's, like a MQTT tab. And in there: AMQJSC0001E Connect timed out.
Tried with Google Chrome, Firefox en IE. All the same issue.

Any idea's?

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Ahhh, after a new heartbeat (+/-20h?), the connection between my domotica and flukso is back online.
So seems that a new heartbeat is needed before everything is OK...

In the webbrowser, still having AMQJSC0001E Connect timed out, but from my server, it seems to work...

mosquitto_sub -h -p 1883 -v -t '#' -V mqttv31
/sensor/52f5c63cc4221fbbedcb499908a0a823/counter [1576412488,37025842,"Wh"]
/sensor/52f5c63cc4221fbbedcb499908a0a823/gauge [1576412490,1221,"W"]
/sensor/3d6e4422977869dcd01dc1fc5e09d447/counter [1576412457,599689,"L"]
/sensor/3d6e4422977869dcd01dc1fc5e09d447/gauge [1576412457,282,"L/day"]
/sensor/84ccd8cc9b095124677efacd1791f5be/counter [1576412464,12129303,"L"]
/sensor/84ccd8cc9b095124677efacd1791f5be/gauge [1576412464,1805,"L/day"]
/device/92cec4f5069cd403498948318d928734/config/kube {