Node-red data receiving MQTT and like to store daily data

Hi all,
I got my second hand FLM V2 I think and I know basics of Raspberry Pi and Node-red.
My setup is this:
A. 1 clamp is on the internal consumption
B. 1 clamp is on the first solar panel convertor
C. 1 clamp is on the second solar panel convertor

In Node-red I did read the FLM with MQTT and it works well.
I made 3 gauges.
1 total internal consumption.
1 sum of the 2 solar convertors
1 Deduction of total consumption - solar convertors.

Now I would like to store the daily data into node-red and here my knowledge stops.
It needs to be with db I think.
Is there here somebody with a working Node-red Flow?

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Store for what? Just to display? Then you can dump the data in a graph with the desired timespan and node-red will cache it.
- data lost when node-red restarts
- at the rate the data comes in from Flukso, the graph will become slow to display, so add some filter to reduce the rate

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See data in node red dashboard to see daily solar production and consumption of internal circuit.
And even send it to csv.

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I did it with WWW.EMONCMS.ORG

Works great!

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I changed the mqtt output format to a json object (rather than array) and use influxdb and telegraf to store all the outputs. Then use grafana to graph it as I please. Sure it's not node-red but satisfies 'store daily data' requirement.