The network setup...

I have been able to setup the WAN side of the flukso (WIFI) - and I have been able to add the device to my account on the site.
The WAN IP I assiginged using the manual settings was

So its talking to the world.. However I cannot get to the web interface via this IP.

If I plug the flukso directly into my pc I can get to it on - but thats no good to me once its in my meter box, I need to be able to get to it wirelessly.

Any idea why it is able to talk to the flukso site but I cant get to it in a browser?

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Ive even managed to update the firmware via the settings in the flukso site.. But still cannot get to the web settings page via the units ip address on wifi ???

Surely I cant be expected to goto the meter box with a laptop and cable just to get to the internal settings?

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The local web interface is being blocked by the firewall when in wifi mode for security reasons. It can be easily disabled, although not via the local web interface atm.

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how do we make this change persistent please, i want to be able to adjust the sensor settings via the wifi interface without having to run a cable outside each time.

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See this recent forum post.

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i've made those changes, and it seems to work for an indeterminate time, then revert, the question was how to make it persistent? thanks.

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  1. uci commit

any config changes will be committed to flash, thus making them persistent. Did you perform any additional FLM config actions that might help explain this behaviour?

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yeah, *embarrassed* turns out i hadn't actually fixed the local IP so i was ssh'ing to the wrong address, sorry. all good now.