New installation and not showing anything.

Hey Guys,

Just installed fluksometer yesterday and can see sensor and token id's but nothing else. When Im going to "Dash" there is nothing, when i click on "year" it says
Error - The call for sensor Consumption experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM.
Im sure the FLM is on the same subnet and talking to my router. If it wasnt then how does it gets the token and sensor id's out?
I know the IP it got from my router and I cannot web-browse to it but I can ping it. If I turn it off and plug my LAN cable it loses the wireless config. Is there something wrong with the device?

Also, I want to monitor "in-house" instead of going via external web, anyone got any ideas how to?



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Hi dbanerje, have you read the manual first ?
There are some steps to do before you can view the consumption in the dash.
If i can give you a tip: read some topic's here on the forum, it's community driven ;-)
And no, "in house" monitoring don't work for now.
Have a good day